Heat Pump

Heat Pump

The Stiebel Eltron WWK300A Hot Water Heat Pump is proving to be the most efficient heat pump on the market providing the highest energy cost savings and environmentally friendly hot water all year round. This technology has been tried and tested in Germany for over thirty years to ensure consumers real energy, environmental and money savings.

Stiebel Eltron Australia has been providing energy-efficient heat pumps for both the commercial and residential markets and getting recognition Australia wide – rapidly making Stiebel a household name synonymous with high-quality, well-engineered and energy-efficient products.


Our heat pumps harvest natures own energy, the most important features:

  • Manufactured in Germany with over 30 years experience
  • The highest efficiency rating – up to 70%*
  • 300 Litre tank with the best delivery of hot water
  • Lowest power draw of all units, 2 Amps , can plug in.
  • Operates in lower temperatures ( down to 0 degrees)
  • Works indoors and outdoors
  • Can operate on extended off peak power and timers
  • Can be installed internally – only 13m3 area required Permissible Operating Pressure 500kPa

*Energy reduction of up to 70% when compared with a conventional electric water heater as per Government approved thermal performance simulation modelling for Zone 1.

Frequently Asked Questions

(Q1) Do you have a heat pump with an element?

Yes the WWK 300AH, smart element model with a 1.7kW element, this operates in the top 100lts of hot water in the tank. Why it’s smart …….it will only operate if approx 200lts of hot water is used in a very short period of time, example filling a spa bath. Being smart only engages as required this provides hot water comfort when required and energy savings

(Q2) Can it operate of Tariff 33 in QLD or Off Peak 2 in NSW?

Yes, we encourage this tariff and this is ideal for maximum savings.

(Q3) How can it produce hot water in the cold without an element?

The heat pump contains active defrost devices, the device can control any icing that occurs, while allowing the heat pump to produce hot water. Unlike others that use expensive electric elements for hot water generation at low temperatures…. Stiebel Eltron provides real energy savings.

(Q4) What is the current draw?

2.3 amps on 240 Volts.

(Q5) How noisy is it?

49dB similar to a split air conditioner condenser

Solar Off Grid Systems

Solar Off Grid Systems

ZEPL has tied up with Solar Gem Asia to bring off grid system for your home needs.

Off grid, stand alone solar power solutions for those who are not able or willing to be connected to Australia’s aging electricity grid. Just imagine that with a few solar panels, an inverter, a regulator and a battery bank you can generate your own electricity and be totally self-reliant in your energy needs.

Renewable Energy Technologies have improved significantly in recent years. Prices, particularly for solar panels, dropped massively. 10 years ago, the Howard government subsidized a solar panel with $8 per watt. Now, prices are below $3 per watt and the panels are much more efficient.

ZEPL and Solar-Gem which is the Australian Innovator of the Year 2010, and has won the Australian International Design Award 2010, the Australian Powerhouse Museum Award 2010 and the Tech23 Award 2010, for having the biggest impact to the global community have teamed up to cater to the off grid energy requirements for Australia and the world. From simple 2 light systems to full farmhouses have been installed.

Solar Roof Ventilators / Solar Attic Fan

Solar Roof Ventilators / Solar Attic Fan

  1. Radiant heat penetrates through the roof causing temperatures to rise and radiate into living areas.
  2. Daily activities such as laundry, cooking and showers create moisture that rises to the attic.
  3. When heat and moisture combine, they can greatly damage shingles, trusses, rafters, the roof deck and painted surfaces.
  4. Proper attic ventilation can minimise the damaging effect that heat and moisture have on your attic.
  5. During summer, attic temperatures soar up to 90 degrees Celsius.
  6. During winter, excess moisture accumulates in the attic causing mould, mildew and wood rot.

AdjustableSolar Panel: highquality photovoltaic module, 10- or 20-watt, 10 year warranty. The panel can beadjusted to catch maximum solar power during the day.

Top Cover: aluminium, powder coated black.

LouverRing: aluminium,engineered to allow maximum amount of air-flow but small enough to keep insectsout.

Roof Flashing: Easy to install, leak proof and suit any roof andpitch.

Fan Motor: 38.2 VDC brush style motor,formulated with soundless ventilation, 5 year warranty.

Fan Blade: 5 wings, aluminium, and maximum air flow with lowhorsepower consumption


Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar Hot Water Systems have been pioneered in Australia. These systems have collectors on the roof to collect the radiant heat of the sun. They include the traditional flat-plate collectors that have been around for 40 years, and the more advanced evacuated tube systems.

The system we sell is manufactured by Hills Solar – one of the most established companies in Australia for the last 40 years.

Hot Water accounts for approx. 35% of the electricity bill if you have a electric hot water system. This is the second highest expense in a house is heating for water for bath, washing, cooking etc. This means that say out of the $300 quarterly electricity bill, approx. $100 to $120 are towards heating and cooling of water.

80% to 90% of this expense can be saved by installing a Solar Hot Water system and you do good for the environment too.

Tubes & Panels Solar Hot Water System:

There are two types of system available, Electric Boosted System and Gas Boosted System in both Tubes and panels based.

Electric Boosted System

Electric boosted solar hot water system is the ideal choice. Water in the storage tank is heated by the solar collector with backup boosting. The water is maintained at 55 Deg C in the tank and pumped out as shown above.

The complete system includes:

  • Manifold, Evacuated Tubes and Heat Pipes
  • Standard pitch frame. (Optional frames are available for a flat or low pitched roof.)
  • Circulating Pump
  • Solar Controller
  • Stainless Steel or Vitreous Enamel water storage tank.

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System

Solar Electric (or Solar PV) systems convert sunlight to electricity. The systems consist of modules – or solar panels and inverter. The PV modules generate DC electricity and send it to the inverter; the inverter transforms DC power into AC electricity and feed it back to the power grid. This is called ‘Back-to-the-Grid’ or Gross Meter system .

NSW has now stopped the Gross Feed In Tariff. Currently it is on hold till the new policy is announced but don’t despair. We have the Net meter option. This mans that today even townhouses with sub-meter boards in their homes can install a PV system. Please check Govt website for more details and changes.

A NET import/export metering configuration is also often referred to as “net metering” and is setup in such a way that any electricity generated by the solar power system is always used on the premises first. Electricity generated by the solar power system is only fed back into (or exported to) the electricity grid when the amount generated is more than is being used on the premises. This type of metering configuration separately measures the amount of electricity imported from the grid and exported to the grid and it can be implemented in a number of ways.

A bi-directional time-of-use (TOU) meter is used for net-metering configurations. NSW Solar Bonus Scheme credits are applied to the net export amounts the meter measures (i.e. solar power system or wind turbine generated electricity less the amount consumed on the premises). Consumption (or import) electricity is also billed on the net amount the meter measures as being imported from the electricity grid (i.e. total consumption less any solar generated electricity first used on site).

Photovoltaic systems are modular; you can start with a basic system and add on as needed. We deal with world leading brands and have a complete line up of Solar Electric products and accessories at extremely competitive prices. We have consultants and engineers ready to assist you in making the best choice for your energy needs.

Do you know that if your current electricity bill is $300, you will end up paying around $525 in the next 3 years based on the 64% electricity price rise. Below is an estimated and projected reference chart.


Because we understand that you may want to conduct your own research prior to contacting us, below are links to the Product Specification Sheets (in PDF format) of a selection of our complete range for you to download. If you do not see the product you are after listed below or would like any more information on any of the listed products please do not hesitate to CONTACT US.